Diva Demeanor is an official 501 c 3 non profit organization aimed at educating, empowering and enlisting women in the hip hop culture to be who they were created to be. Diva Demeanor will achieve this vision through the means of:


  • Online platform that creates virtual role models in the culture as well as renews and shapes the minds of the visitors.
  • Diva sessions and small group gatherings to empower and assist each woman to walk in her unique strength.
  • Connecting women to organizations that impact the demographic that they are passionate about and creating unique outreach opportunities.


Heart of a Soldier. Demeanor of a Diva.” is more than a slogan or an Instagram bio, this is a way of life for me. Not only is it a way of life for me, I’ve realized that it’s a way of life for MANY women, but this group of women have no voice, no platform and no encouragement to be who they truly are.

I do know one thing….. God changes your heart and desires but if he made you to be gritty, grimey, raw and well…..hip hop, you can still keep that part of you and use it to transform the lives of the people who look and sound just like you.

Women in the hip hop culture are portrayed as merely sex symbols, eye candy and an accessory for men. Even the female emcees are somehow pushed to the side or overly sexualized to sell records. I want to create a much different platform for women in hip hop. I want to create a platform that showcases young, urban women who are more than just vixens. I want to show Christian women that just because you are a little more edgy, grimey, gutta and way more raw than the average chick in your church…..God has a place for you on his mission field and that there are thousands of women like you. I want to show women their purpose; that we aren’t just tag-a-longs, groupies or a man’s accessory (even in ministry). I want to give these women a place to connect, learn, be inspired and have a voice.

This platform won’t be cookie cutter, it will be raw. This platform will not just stop at being a web page, it will be a movement. This platform will not just inspire, it will rally the troops and send them out for war. This platform is needed, because there is such a void in this hip hop culture.

I have always seen Christian Hip Hop artists as more than just rappers, they are missionaries. There is a huge network of hip hop missionaries who are actively serving and performing transforming work in every hood in this city. I am a strong believer that women are meant to stand side by side our strong brothers in the faith and fight. Our brothers are on the frontline, it’s time for us to step up.

There are thousands of women who are in the hip hop culture and feel there’s no place for them in the church, or they feel their background/struggles/stories are too raw for the church, or they are believers but feel like there's so much more to this walk than just going to church and bible studies, I’m doing this to show women that there is more and that they do belong here.

The heartbeat of this mission comes from our strong brothers, they have the heart of a soldier and I admire that so much…..as women we have that same strength and that same heart but our demeanor is much different, our approach is much different…… We have the heart of a soldier, and the demeanor of a diva…….


Group Diva Sessions

·       Weekly. Every Tuesday online or on your phone at 7pm at http://join.me/divademeanor

·       Free.

·       A group for girls and women to detox from their stressful week with other women they can relate to and who can strengthen them. Weekly goals will be set in each session and it is the participants responsibility to carry out that goal during the week. The following week will be the review of the goal to see if it was followed through. These groups give participants a sense of purpose, accountability, strength from other women and unconditional support.

One-on-One Diva Sessions

·       By appointment.

·       Life coaching sessions to come up with a specific goal and means to make it happen. This could be for a woman in low income housing that wants out of the system, an exotic dancer who wants to devise a plan to leave the industry and make her personal dreams come true, a business woman who feels no true purpose at her corporation or a church girl who wants to be and do more but doesn’t know how.

Diva Demeanor Takeover

·       Monthly.

·       Diva Demeanor will go into juvenile detention centers, residential treatment centers, schools, churches and other facilities to reach young girls. Diva Demeanor will provide a day of activities structured and uniquely designed for the facility. A Takeover would look like: Basketball workshop, Dance Workshop, Group Diva Session, Hip Hop Concert, Games/Prizes, Makeover session. Each workshop or group would be run by a woman in that industry, that woman will exemplify the Diva Demeanor standard to the girls and show them a different model of a woman in hip hop. These takeovers will bring truth, light, excitement, inspiration and transformation to the facility.

Day of Service

·       Yearly.

·       Although Diva Demeanor will provide many acts of service throughout the year, the day of service will be the biggest demonstration. The women of Diva Demeanor will collaborate with local hip hop artists to provide service to the community. Music will be a part but the day will be centered around the people that we are serving and not on the artists. We will focus more on the artist's heart and passion.

Virtual Communication Management

Open to music artists, dancers, models, tattoo artists, nail artists, hair stylists etc.
Respond to all emails within 48 hours
Organize all gigs in a virtual planner
Construct a gift package/promo kit to mail to fans
Conduct follow up calls to those who desire to book you
inform you immediately via call or text of all urgent opportunities
Draft & create short artist bio, album summaries & song descriptions
for iTunes or other sources
email jasmine@divademeanor.com for pricing.