Small Moments

Don't despise small beginnings. 

I’ve taken this place for granted. I get overwhelmed with the behavior and attitudes of the kids. I get frustrated with the system & how I see it exploiting the people in need. People I should be working side by side with relentlessly work against me. They’ve said it all…I’m too young, I’m not professional enough, no one will take me serious, I can’t handle the kids, I can’t run the community center, that program isn’t good enough, I don’t like how you did this, I don’t like how you said that. But none of it is true & what they say has nothing to do with me but everything to do with them and their limited, negative and warped perceptions. Just taking an hour to go outside, play the music they like, bring out bubbles, have ice cream and a hula hoop contest with some arts and crafts after makes a world of a difference. You don’t see it now, but years down the line you will see that these small moments I took the time out to create, getting down to their level, letting them be themselves, relating to them, and every program that I have implemented in that hood is gonna leave an imprint on their hearts. I don’t work for a company, I work to see change in these kids and this community. I work for them to one day think back and say “I remember Miss Jasmine and all she used to do with us.” I want them to remember seeing an example of what they can become. I want to be that leader, soldier, servant, teacher & overall angel that’s touched down in that community for a specific purpose. In the mundane every day walk of life it’s easy to take the big picture for granted. Don’t take your position for granted. No matter how small, look around, you can and probably already are making a world of a difference.