Sitting at work, Z-Ro in my headphones, stapling and folding 250 newsletters that I created for the community. Each month when I do this I think about what I was told when I first started this job, “You’re going to need a lot of help with this.” I asked “Can’t I just do it myself?” Wide eyed, they answered, “No service coordinator has ever prepared all these newsletters by themselves…..and definitely NEVER walked the entire complex to distribute them all alone.” But they don’t know the type of girl I am. I’ve spent my life “doing the most” for other people. I stayed late into the night at work to make sure my bosses event ran smoothly. I made phone calls around to radio stations and magazines to get a local artist on. I worked day and night to promote online and in the streets for an artists music like it was my own. I created street teams, went over and above donating and volunteering, and giving the very best of my time, ideas and energy to other people’s businesses, lives and missions. I figured, if I could do the most for other people, how much harder should I go for myself and my own visions? Trust me, the people you are working so hard for see your power and your value. Do you see it?

If you put half as much time and energy into your own vision like you do someone else’s how great would you be impacting the world? If you spent as much effort learning how and actually using your power to change this world as THEY do using you to make their movements greater, what would your community look like? If you used as much energy solidifying your dreams and plans, how many lives would you touch? If you used your beauty and value to promote something that means the world to you rather than allowing them to use it to promote their music, clubs and events that mean the world to them……how much of an impact would you make in your world? We have all the power, beauty, talents and drive to make shit happen for ourselves and in the issues that mean the most to us…..use it wisely. Be careful not to pour out all that you are into someone’s vision to use you and drain you for all you’re worth with little to no return for you. You have what you need inside you. Use it for great things!