I made this graphic with a group of women in mind. I knew it was the infamous #wcw on instagram. The day where most men post pictures of video girls, models, celebrities and lets be honest here, most have gotten smart and began to post girls in their city who they would like to fu---um be in a relationship with. Wednesday is a day where a girl can scroll for hours and see an image of what men like and what they admire. Its a great day for video vixens but it can be a particularly frustrating or confusing day for most girls. Frustrating, because a beautiful girl could be spending her life getting her education, mentoring younger girls, serving in her community, pursuing her passions, running a small business, raising her kids, writing a book.....the list goes on. That same girl will not get one #wcw mention nor will she see any other girl mentioned with her same attributes. Do I get upset? No, because I understand the fact that kings see queens and boys see toys. A king will see and speak to a woman's worth. He will honor and respect her hustle, her drive, her inner and outer beauty, her virtue and her godliness. A boy doesn't understand that yet, so he posts what he admires, which is a woman whose body closely resembles the image promoted in music, videos, tv and porn. He will post his fantasy, and the most recent trend is he will post it with the hope that she comments or gives him some kind of attention.....maybe even make his fantasy a reality, having a girl like that on his arm and possibly even turning her into his #wce. lol.

I don't expect or even desire for men to change their #wcw preferences. I just want to speak to those girls who feel "overlooked" and let them know that they aren't. Every time you perform a good deed, an unselfish act of kindness, when you follow that urging of the holy spirit and serve someone in love.....you won't get a #wcw mention but God thinks that's beautiful. Every time you are on the frontline in battle, reaching out to the darkest areas in your city you won't get a #wcw mention.....but God thinks that's fearless and beautiful. Every time you open a book, go to church, go to class, work on your business, operate in your gift, pour into your kids or this younger generation, resist the urge to give in to this worlds image of a woman and stand firm in who God made you to be, pour out your heart to God, give your last to someone in need, lose sleep to help someone out, expose the lies that the enemy used to hold you down, or when you live your life with dignity and respect you will NOT get a #wcw mention but God thinks that's beautiful and I think that's beautiful. 

You think it all goes unnoticed but I see you and God sees you. You are an inspiration, you give me hope, you bring me joy, you are a Queen. You're the MVP in real life. Some girls are just the MVP's on social media. The world will always worship women for their sexuality, their body, their outer beauty, and their insignificant and superficial accomplishments. Don't be surprised. But Queen, keep doing the right thing, you have rewards stored up for you in heaven. You deserve to be celebrated and respected, but don't look for that admiration from the boys in this world, you'll never get it. Know who you are and where your worth comes from. Queen, you are loved and admired by the King. Never forget that.