Can I encourage you Divas today? Around 2011 I had this burning desire to see a women’s group formed that was grimey, hip hop & world changing. I tried to start it at my church at the time but they turned it into their own vision and shattered mine. I tried SEVERAL online efforts but none of them picked up. Around 2014 I tried it again but through a local hip hop artists platform but it didn’t thrive how I expected and again the vision was shattered because the people involved didn’t get it and turned it into what they wanted. 2016 I went through a divorce, another heartbreak, a big break from the people that were holding me back and a complete mindset change. I got fed up and bossed up. I was tired of being used by people, underestimated, disrespected, overlooked etc. I saw how I kept getting hurt & I was working overtime for people and making their lives beautiful but not doing the same for myself. I figured if I put half as much time and effort into my own vision that I put into making a man happy, building someone else’s platform or helping others then I would make it!  I began to create my own lane. I realized if I wanted this done I needed to do it myself and that I had the power to. March 12, 2017 was the launch party of my nonprofit that aims at reaching and enlisting dope women in the hip hop culture. I had a female DJ (DJ Shante of 93.7 The Beat Houston), female emcee (Angie Rose from the Bronx), bgirls & dancers (Representing B Girl City), female graffiti artist (Royal McGhee) and a room FULL of people in the city who heard the vision and were down with it. 80% of the attendees, I met for the first time there! For the first time ever….it all came together. I launched my programs & had so much support in the room from radio personalities, college kids, lovers of the culture, artists, family, even an Young Lyric from VH1’s the Rap Game came through. It was the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen with an event I’ve put together….ever, my books nearly sold out at my table when I thought I literally wouldn’t sell any. Ladies do it yourself, dream it yourself, plan it yourself, pay for it yourself, don’t be afraid to ask because if it’s for you then the answer is already YES & keep working at that dream you have because in Gods perfect timing you will see it unfold right before your eyes!! There is a place for you in this culture that is more than just being cute in a music video, someone’s sideline or merely a spectator. Find the place that’s meant just for you! The women are equipped, linking up and stepping up! I can’t wait to see what kind of damage we do. Thank you for all the love and support! Diva Demeanor.