"As a woman now days u have to accept that they will like ur selfies more than ur accomplishments"- Snow Tha Product Twitter (Yes she was being facetious)


Was gonna post this side by side action along with the caption, “Yall get on my nerves.” But decided not to lol. I’ve had this convo with a lot of girls and its evident that you can post some meaningful stuff, a link to your blog, community service, social commentary etc but it doesn’t get near as many likes as your selfie. I’m sure men deal with this too, they may post some revolutionary stuff but only get likes when it’s a pic of money or shoes. Do the number of likes constitute what is most important to us? I would hope not. If it did, we would be hopelessly slaves to whatever this world thinks is important. What if I took an honest inventory of my social media profiles and assessed what gets attention, applause and approval and what doesn’t, then altered my posting to get the best results. If that was the case, I would have nothing but some bomb ass selfies on my profile because that is what generates the most buzz. Once, I posted a new profile picture and at the same time posted a status asking for assistance/donations/support for a particular cause I was involved in. People straight ignored the post (maybe 5 likes at the most, zero comments) and hopped straight on the profile pic (likes on likes on likes, plus comments with heart eyes, a few “yaaaas”’s and even some private messages saying how beautiful the picture is). Can I get that response to things that actually matter!? Isn’t it odd that this world will overlook your real beauty and accomplishments and choose rather to applaud your superficial and insignificant beauties. Some young girls and women aren’t as solid. Some will take the cues from this world and only participate in things that bring admiration and applause. Whether that is taking off more clothes, layering on more makeup or focusing more on how their bodies look on camera rather than what good their bodies are doing in this world. Even strong women with their head on straight fall victim to flexing on the gram to capture the hearts…or heart eye emojis...from random, fickle people on the internet. Let’s take cues only from our own souls. You know what matters the most to you in this world, you know what makes your heart break, you know what you are meant to accomplish in this culture, listen to that voice. Ignore the yells from then audience telling you to just be eye candy for them. Let em know that you have greater works to focus on instead…but you’ll drop a dope selfie in a minute to keep them entertained.