Out of Touch Doesn't Change Lives.

See, you view us through a 2-way mirror
Instead of fear us, come near us, come hear us.
Wish you would visit, but are you really welcome here?
Locked us in an experimental box, peace of mind is seldom here.


A lot of unnecessary bs happens when out of touch people put their hands all in our sh*t. When the government regulates how you run a feeding program for your community. They make the rules and tell you exactly how they want you to do it, not even knowing one name or face they are effecting, let alone what works and what doesn't in that community. When elected officials donate books to children and write statistics like "We placed 3,000 books in the hands of inner-city children thus battling literacy issues in the city." not even realizing that the kids are just drawing in the books, throwing them around and otherwise....not reading them because oh......they can't read. The people in charge of making the programs and curriculum who have never shook hands or looked into the eyes of the people they are creating these programs for. Police patrolling a neighborhood that they are not familiar with, have no ties to and don't have one relationship with any of the residents. Out of touch doesn't change lives. It is the people on the inside and on the front line that make the impact. These are the people who have special insight that outsiders do not have. These are the people who are not serving at a distance, but are intimately connected to and sculpted for to reach these particular people. What is it that you have special insight on? Where are you on the inside? This is where you make you impact. Don't allow only outsiders to control and take care of what you are called to. Take ownership. Bottom line, if they're not hands on, they don't need their hands all in your sh*t. They do not need to be the decision makers, shot callers, policy makers and visionaries from afar. They don't know your people and your community like you do. You do it.