Not Concerned With LOOKING Good. Concerned With DOING Good.


On Instagram, you can classify yourself as a "public figure" and become famous and gain clout off of being pretty and showing off your body and clothing. Easy work. In our world of community work and activism, you can also become famous and gain clout off of your image and what it LOOKS like you're doing. Easy work. 

What is insanely more difficult is actually seeing results and doing good for the people. Its easy to make things look good on paper. "We provide educational enrichment to low income youth 5 days a week, provide free nutritional meals and innovative case management for the family." couple that with bs statistics and sign in sheets and TAH-DAH you got all kinds of grants and money coming in from the government and probably bs recognition from the mayor & the city.

BUT what does it all mean if it looks good on paper but isn't truly what its cracked up to be in the streets? So what if your mission statement says you provide all this good if the lives in the community still look the same, its not doing any good but only making you look good. Isn't it a waste of money to give $20,000 to an organization that gives sub-par and surface level "help" to a community when there are people out here who truly care and will use that money to tear some sh*t up? I've noticed this far too often over the years and quite frankly, I am tired of b*tching, crying, complaining and talking about it. It's time for action. We have all the beauty, education, passion, connects and attitude to make sh*t happen for our communities. We are sick of people getting pats on the back for donating a bus load of school supplies when the kids are still sent to sub-par schools and not learning anything. surface. Its getting old to see representatives get praised for "ending illiteracy" in our communities by donating books to people who CANT READ and showing up once to take photos holding a book with our kids, wiping off their sweat, leaving and not thinking of them ever again. surface. Its so played to give away scholarships to kids to make your company look good but not truly care about their education or futures. WE are the change. We are the ones that will take those funds and actually do some REAL work and make REAL change with them. I know you have the ideas, I know you have the passion. Go to often, hit up our girl Sandy to get assistance starting your own non-profit, writing grants or reinstating, collab with world changers in your city and brainstorm on what yall can do to get the ball rolling in whatever area you care about. Most of all just do something. We can be way more than pretty faces on instagram, they need our faces in the boardrooms, classrooms, community centers and in the streets. We can be way more than nice bodies, they need our bodies on the frontline fighting for our communities and the issues that grip our hearts. We can do way more than the bare minimum to LOOK LIKE we are doing good in this world...we can be passionate enough to actually DO GOOD in the world and change lives forever.