School is ALWAYS in Session.


I work as a social services coordinator in a low income apartment complex in Houston....yesterday as I was solo dolo doing my thing walking around putting flyers on doors, I look back and there were 3 little girls following me, a few moments later I had about 8 girls following me and wanting to help and know why I was doing what I was doing. I can't help but to wonder, how will their early life memory of walking around the neighborhood with me telling people that we have free food for those in need, affect them and how they treat people and serve their community in adulthood?

We hung out until that evenings hurricane relief event. I turned on the radio and had hula hoop contests with them and allowed them to play make believe and play tag for hours. I had tons of cute little girls, with cute braids and dresses playing in the community center while a Tupac mix blasted over the radio (What a clear image of my personality and the diva demeanor message haha anyways...) I began grabbing chairs and taking them outside to set up for the event, girls as young as 3 were all grabbing chairs too and helping to set up while all the boys rode bikes and played at the playground. I said, "isn't it funny that every week the girls are the ones doing the tough work and helping out", the leader of the relief team said, "Well don't you think it's a reflection of the leadership they see here every day...they're following you." 

School is always in session! This next generation of girls are watching and following YOU! When you finish school, start your own business, help someone in need, be the opposite of what their environment and the media shows, stand up for what you believe in, throw support instead of shade, or even when you live your life regularly......THEY SEE IT and they are silently studying and following. Be encouraged, look back and realize the sweet faces following your example! What do you want our future to look like? Begin within....