Meet 15-Year Old Trinity Simone

What a beautiful and powerful young activist! Not only is she talking the talk, she has created a booming, sucessful, dope, original and world changing business called Black Vibe Tribe. She has merged activism with fashion and is helping others to make a bold statement wherever they go and wherever they are in the world.

I want change. I want more for us and my business is just a starting point. Individuals that support my business will be those that are willing to make a statement. They will proudly showcase Black Vibe Tribe goodies and hopefully it will start a conversation.
— Trinity

This is not only impressive because of her age, but because of her heart. Trinity exemplifies Diva Demeanor. She has the heart of a soldier, not afraid to stand on the frontlines for what she believes. She flawlessly has created something magical that transcends money and fame but impacts communities all over. She is making a statement and calling for awareness and change. She is using all that she is, to educate, empower and enlist others to do the same. This girl is a gem. I hope that we all can be inspired by her and support her in all that she does. Big ups for being a light in the culture, doing it for the culture and showing this world that young girls and women are more than just sexual objects, more than bangin bodies, more than pretty faces, more than a chick for your video, more than your promo girl....but we are educated, royal, world changing, strong and powerful forces in our culture. Thank you Trinity.

To view and support what this DIVA has created, visit her official site here: Black Vibe Tribe You will want to purchase EVERYTHING on the site, I promise you! This is gear made specifically for world changers like YOU!