Confessions of a Diva


If my belief that no one hates me, because I give them zero reasons to, they just hate ON ME, makes me a Diva......then I'll take that. I will continue to effortlessly ignore the drama, lies, hate and shade and focus wholly on being a light, giving life, serving my community with what it needs and showing love even to those who don't deserve it.

If leaving dead end situations, declining dead end offers that minimize my worth and creating my own lane out of the pure vision God placed in my heart makes me a Diva......then I'll take that too. I will not allow the world to stifle my creativity and vision, I will not allow anyone to cram me into their box to be used and abused for their purposes, I will not live a mediocre life but I will create what I wish to see in this world and do it to the maximum.

If chilling in the midst of competition because I know that because I am COMPLETE, there is no competition, makes me a Diva....then I'll take that. People can try and copy what I do and who I am but they will never be able to copy my spirit. They can do the exact same business structure, steal every idea, imitate my decisions and words, imitate my lifestyle, recreate their physical look to imitate mine, buy the same car and the same house......but their underlying jealous spirit, manipulative spirit and evil spirit will constantly outweigh any good they feel that they are doing. You can fake a lot in this world, but you can never fake a pure heart and positive energy. If it doesn't come from within, it will never have the same impact.

If refusing to sell out makes me a Diva.....I'm sure as hell one! In this world, I realize that I am more than a pretty face, more than a body and more than a sexual act. I will not be reduced to these things by exploiting them or by sleeping with a man to get to where I need to be. If staying true to what I truly believe makes me a Diva, then I promise you, I'm the biggest Diva out here.

If speaking up for myself and not allowing people to discredit, demean or disrespect me and my vision makes me a Diva......guess I'm a Diva!

If not allowing people to have their way with me makes me a guessed it.....I'm a Diva.

If fighting back, not with my words or my fists, but in action, purity and truth makes me a Diva....then that is who I am.

If relentlessly pursuing a higher purpose, making sure I stay aligned with my higher calling and inspiring others to do so makes me a Diva.....I will proudly wear that title.

If knowing exactly what I want, doing sh*t on my own, my own way and not stopping to ask for help, favors or handouts make me a Diva.....I will take that as the cherry on top.

A lot of things cause people to think or say that we are Divas.....but if these things make a woman a Diva, then whats the real problem? I will tat "Diva" on my fist and metaphorically punch you in the face with it unapologetically every single day. Diva has been known to have a negative connotation, but having the demeanor of a Diva is nothing but having the inner strength and the outer beauty and femininity to shape your life and change this world in miraculous ways. Shout out to all the Divas out there!