When Your Fire Dies Down


I believe it’s all a scheme.

They run you through the system to get you acclimated, punish you when you do not conform, offer you salaries to become a part of their machine and then kill the world changer inside of you. They continue to blow smoke to make you feel that you are making a difference but really the system only allows you to do so much. You know what needs to be done to truly change the world, but they only allow you to go so far. Then you get desensitized. Then you get discouraged. Then you get numb.

You drink your coffee in the morning to be numb enough to deal with what you have to do that day then you drink at happy hour when you get off to ease your mind from what you dealt with. You continue the cycle. Your fire has died down. Can we replace that coffee in the morning that numbs us with something that fires us up about the change we are called to make in the world? Can we replace that happy hour with an hour dedicated to writing out our plan, working to make it happen or even meeting with other world changers to strategize on our next move? Can we quit the zombie like trance Monday-Friday and wake up to our calling again?

Our fire dies down. It happens. The stresses of life like paying bills, raising kids, car accidents, setbacks, homework assignments, stressful jobs, having to do things you hate for money, housework, family dynamics, relationship problems, unmet personal desires and health issues all work together to snuff out our flames. But maybe we can use those exact things to push us harder. When you hate where you are, see it as the enemy’s direct attack against your purpose. He wants you to be distracted. He wants you to stop. He wants you to give in to the system.

But we won’t. We know that we were created to create a revolution in our culture. We refuse to get sucked into just living and getting by. Yes, our fire sometimes dies but when we recognize that it has, we are gonna work relentlessly to turn it around, using everything that is waged against us to create something new.

I wanna raise pulses
La chica with the most-est
Not in the mood for the average Josephs
Coming unglued, baby this is explosive
I wanna raise pulses
— Karmin- "Pulses"