Hip Hop Affirmations: Sa-Roc "Forever"

"I ain’t get here overnight
I was in that mirror like 4-5 times a week, with my mala beads reciting affirmations like holy rites" - Sa-Roc "Forever"

When this bar exited her mouth, I felt her truth. Self love, acceptance, empowerment, confidence, and walking in your true purpose does not happen overnight. All of a sudden self love is becoming some sort of trend and most women are still not getting it. They will post empowering quotes and then not truly understand how to live them out daily. This music video is a beautiful illustration of who we truly are as women in this hip hop culture. I have quoted her lyrics from this song below for you to use as your own daily affirmations. Affirmations don't have to be lovey-dovey, basic or sound like the ones you hear from your favorite mediation gurus...they can be raw, gritty and drip with your own inner style and voice. So yes, allowing this goddess emcee to rap your affirmations over your life may work better than what you've been doing! Check it...

When I wake up, no makeup, half naked, I feel like I’m the shit
Pardon my language, but hang ups do not define the kid
No, I’m not flawless, I’m scarred up and I’m fine with it
My body art a laundry list of all of life’s unkindnesses.

In your natural state, you are whole, complete and beautiful. Your past mistakes do not define you nor take away from your value. Accept your scars and the wrongs done to you, but use them to grow even more beautifully.

Still got the scars from cutting my wrists when I thought that life was finished
Now they remind me what my lows look like now I know the sky’s the limit

Every scar, whether physical or emotional was meant by the enemy of your soul to break you forever, but you can use those scars to remind you of your lowest point and how you survived it.

When Roc go in, she too aggressive, that’s too masculine
And her content lil too obsessive, just relax a bit
She say she god, that’s narcissistic, just the facts of it
Nah, I Don’t really eff with female rappers, that shit sacrilege
Glad I learned early not to internalize every ink up
Daddy told me with every opinion there comes a sphincter
And they would rather see dem thots than popularize a thinker

People will critique, pull, push, slander and talk down on you and what you do, but realize that even though you are not who they want you to be, you are purposed, you have to keep pushing and doing you, never changing for the masses, and then you will reach your point of inner peace and true power.

Marrow composed of warriors so every verse became a vengeance
Went thru too much hell to not be fire, but they still feigning ignorance

There is a fighter in your blood, you, your ancestors and your GOD have been through way too much for you to consider yourself weak. You are a warrior, you are straight fire.


"That’s right, we’ll call it self love. Discovered I was dope, and indulged like upscale drugs
And u could call me arrogant if that’s gon help love, but if you trying to knock me down, your demolitions failed, bruv" - Sa-Roc