The Wonder in all Women.

There is an underlying narrative sketched and weaved into this world's system. It's a story that proclaims that men are the strong and powerful ones and even the strongest and most powerful woman gets her true power and purpose from a man and his interest/love for her. Weak.

I loved in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, how she was adamant in being the one to save the people and fight even when no one else thought to fight for them. I loved how she walked around like the hands and feet of Jesus, noticing, with deep compassion, every hurt and injustice in the world and being moved instantly to do something about it. I loved that image of a woman, because that is who we are all called to be. What I hated, was how her love interest took all her shine and purpose at the end. I thought she would power up and gain all her strength and drive from her love for the people and seeing the oppressed finally be set free......but no, they wrote the story so that she gained her power from the love she had for a man. The entire plot shifted and now it was no longer about a powerful woman saving the world and following her beliefs but it was now about a powerful woman who gained her power and purpose from a relationship and is driven by her love for one man.

In music, movies, books, poetry and any other form of story writing, the narrative is clear. Women, your power comes from being with the love of your life, having men find you attractive and your ability to please them. I believe that love is a beautiful aspect of life, and being with the love of your life is thrilling and fulfilling. However, I do not believe that it is the true source of your wonder or your power. Your true source comes from the love that God put in your heart for his people and the unique calling that he placed on your life. Operating from THAT is where your true power lies. That power is inside every woman if she would just tap into it.

We can gain a sense of wonder and power by pouring out our love onto our children and our boyfriends, love interests or husbands. But that is only a part of our power and wonder in love. We would be cheating ourselves and robbing this world if we do not tap into the deeper layer. Re-write the narrative. Do not allow this world, that hates God's plan and that hates God's purpose for the sexes, rob you of your superhero story. This world doesn't want to see men walking in their true strength and women walking beside them in their true strength. They want to see men terrified, confused, manipulative, power hungry and weak. They want to see women dependent, beat down, oppressed, silenced and exploited. They want men and women alike, to believe that their true source of power and strength comes from so many different external sources when it doesn't. It comes from within. It comes from the hand of God that placed it there before you were even formed and shaped fully in your mother's womb.

If you want to understand the true power and wonder that lies inside of you....don't look anywhere on the outside for the source. Tap into your true power and watch the whole world change. We can complain about the state of this world until we can no longer breathe....but it will never change until we do. There is wonder inside all of you. I hope you find it.