(Power) less.

Have you ever had such a heart for the people, such a desire to bring about needed change in a certain area but lack so much to make it happen? You need money, you need a building, you need books, you need connections, you need a sound system, you need donors, you need a lot that you do not have. Its easy to do wrong but it is so much harder to do right. It is extremely difficult to bring about positive change in lives and communities because of the deep depravity that exists within them teamed with the system that is designed to keep them oppressed holding them captive. You will be fighting a physical and a spiritual battle if you want to do this. 

"I want scholarships for all low income students that I mentor." Where will I get hundreds of thousands of dollars?

"I want to build a school with educators that actually care and will teach our kids in unique ways that they actually learn and grow. I'm tired of our kids being in the worst schools because of their neighborhood." Where will I get the team and money for that?

"I want to reform the criminal justice system in America, people are being treated like cattle and not like human beings and no judgement is truly fair." But how?

I've heard people say all these powerful ideas but lack the actual power to bring them about. You may feel the same way. Yes, it seems impossible and yes it will be extremely difficult. The road to that reality will be full of opposition, set backs, disappointments and obstacles. Something this great will never come easy. But it will come. We can tap into our true power within, our true power that comes from God. With a direct connection to him, we will make it.

We have to start somewhere. I always feel that I am running out of time. Your 20's is your most trendsetting and inspirational time period, yet we spend our 20's broke and full of ideas. Our 20's could be truly powerful if we match our trendiness and "cool points" with the youth with a million dollar budget to be able to live out those dreams we have for them. What if we are past that point? Do we give up?

It's time to just give IN, and go all in. There has to be a way to get the resources we need to do the good that we know is needed. We all have to do the research and the foot work. We all have to network, we all have to pray for doors to be opened, we all have to sacrifice and put our own money up, we all have to set up meetings, and we all have to use our power on social media platforms for good.

We feel so powerless.
But I don't think we are truly powerless.
I don't think we need to create power out of thin air.
I believe the power is already there.
We have to use it.
Even when we don't feel it.