Front Row Seats.

BIG MOOD when they treated you like a Soundcloud artist, not knowing you about to make MAJOR moves:

They treatin you like you're regular
They reject your resume
They don't respond to your posts or messages
They won't check out your work
They disrespect you
They trample on your ideas
Its because they don't know
They don't see the greatness inside of you
But maybe God didn't create your greatness to be seen so soon
& maybe you needed to be rejected to gain your strength
Maybe you don't need their acceptance
Maybe you need to stop begging for their help
& tap into the magic you have WITHIN YOURSELF.

Diva, go out and kill it.
Show them better than your mouth can say.
Rise up on your own and pave your own way.
You're far from regular, baby.
Tap into your inner Diva right now
live like that forever.
You're about to level up
put on your best show
all your naysayers are sitting in the front row.