Why The Women's Movement is Not Strong Enough to Change The Culture.

If you think about the history of the women’s movement in this country, it’s full of divisions. Sometimes [fractures] allow movements to develop more organizations. They allow people to find the groups that have the beliefs, the strategies, and the ideologies they’re most comfortable with. But sometimes, the divisions rob the larger movement of its momentum.
— Jo Reger, a sociology professor who researches social movements and gender at Oakland University.

This current women’s movement is not yet strong enough to change this culture, here’s why…

While the world celebrated and were fascinated by each year’s Women’s March, my emotions were as divided as I saw the movement being. A part of me was wide eyed and inspired by seeing so many women out together standing for something but when I took a closer look, it was hard for me to see what they were standing for. I saw women going all in for abortion rights next to black lives matter next to women who just wanted to show off their titties in public next to women going all in about Israel next to women marching for immigration next to women marching for women’s right to f*ck whoever she wants and not be shamed for it next to women who were marching against Trump’s sexist statements next to….well you get the point. It was easy for me to say “I agree with this group, but I cant rock with this group” in the march that was about “unity”. It seemed that it all fell under the Anti-Trump and Anti-This current administration umbrella, but it seemed overwhelmingly that the women marching were not unified for one purpose and one vision but rather coming together to loudly yell their own agendas.

This is a reflection of the women’s movement today, all these women yelling loudly about their own personal agendas and preferences. Feminists range from women who are against sex workers to those that embrace and serve them, women who are for abortion and those completely against, women for black lives matter and those that could care less, women who hate men and women who want to come beside them and match their strength, women who only want to push LGBTQ rights, women who blame men for everything, women who want to fix the wage gap, women who make up lies and blow things out of proportion, women who have true stories but are scared to speak all the way to little girls who see the state of this world and want it to change for them. When someone labels you a feminist you kind of have to clarify what KIND of feminist you are now days. It makes some discard the term all together.

In order for this women’s movement to be strong enough to change this culture, there has to be one underlying, undying and clear vision and purpose. Yes, women can still have their own agendas in their own life, but for the sake of the movement there needs to be one. Not only that, but (hardcore feminists bout to kill me) MEN need to be embraced and involved. When men and women stand side by side, we multiply our strengths. When we are pit against each other, cut each other down and try to take each others places, we subtract and divide our strengths which was never God’s perfect design. Yes, the Women’s March can be female led and female executed, but can our men scream out what we are crying with force along with us? Can they be enlisted to surround and protect us on the outskirts of the march? Can they promote and co-sign our stances and efforts? Can they use their power, their gifts, their creativity and their platforms to bring light to what we stand for? Yes. That is what I believe would take it to another level. If women would come together under ONE UNIFIED AND CLEAR objective, and allow men to multiply our strengths and not tear them down, exclude them and try to take away their strength….this movement can be phenomenal and change history forever.

Yes, there are men who abuse their power and are sexist but it is not all men. There are many men who can do the women’s movement much justice just like a husband operating in love can come alongside his wife and support her, strengthen her, protect her and ride for her. Yes, there are so many different issues that plague us as women, but there is one that I know we can all agree on and proclaim loudly to the nation. The Women’s March, this year, is beginning to see this and have excluded many organizations that do not stand for the greater good of the movement and have also began to question the true motive and how to make it less divisive aka more powerful.

The women’s movement has become something that companies and organizations have used to capitalize on, trivialize and toss away. & It is easy for them to do this because of the division, the unclear vision and the awareness culture where people just want to hop on a trend, make one post and think they did their world changing duty. Social justice movements should never be dumbed down for this very reason. We cannot allow the media and the big machines to come in and hi-jack our voice, our struggles and our movements. We must remain as pure and grassroots as possible. We must not allow them to take away our power or cover it up. The Women’s Movement is strong enough to change the culture, and it will, it just takes us to wise up and rise up. Do it the right way.